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The youth wing of the Labour Party has come under fire today for blasting pro-EU campaigners trying to persuade Jeremy Corbyn to back a People’s Vote.

In a tweet published last night, Young Labour accused People’s Vote supporters of being “a clique” who were trying to “undermine Jeremy Corbyn”, continuing in the vein of supporters of the embattled Labour leader who view any disagreement with him as a secret plot to undermine his leadership.

Young Labour came under heavy fire for their tweet, with several Labour supporters calling the tweet “divisive” and “unnecessary”. It was pointed out by one user that 72% of Labour members support a People’s Vote.

The Young Liberals, who have been at the forefront of the political movement for a People’s Vote, responded forthrightly to Young Labour, re-iterating that the Liberal Democrats would provide a welcoming home for disillusioned pro-EU members of the Labour Party.

Labour has come under increasing scrutiny for its Brexit position in the past days since Theresa May’s defeat in the meaningful vote, with critics claiming that it was a “fudge”, and “designed to cover up Labour’s true pro-Brexit stance.”

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