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Dominic Cummings, the campaign manager for the Leave campaign in the EU referendum, has posted an extraordinary string of tweets today in which he trashes the Prime Minister’s Brexit plans as “shambolic” and full of “crap ideas”.

In the incredible intervention, which came in the context of news that Theresa May planned to pull the UK out of Euratom, Cummings, who was also Michael Gove’s former special adviser at the Department for Education, stated that the Tories keep “making huge misjudgements”.

The news comes as it was revealed that a number of Conservatives are dismayed at May’s plans, and could potentially wreck the narrow government majority if the PM attempts to force through Euratom withdrawal.

Cummings’ intervention is not the first of its sort, however – it comes just a few days after he also tweeted that Britain may come to regret Brexit, and that it has the potential to be a failure.

The potential rebellion over Euratom will alarm the Prime Minister greatly, with her legislative programme potentially in tatters should Conservative MPs begin wide-scale rebellions against key planks of it. The growing lack of appetite for the details of Brexit is also becoming clear, with polling showing Remain ahead, and Vince Cable even suggesting that Brexit may not end up happening.

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