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The Conservative Party in Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole (BCP) has tonight been accused of “disgusting moral failings” as it set in motion plans to exploit the tragic death of a beloved councillor in a cynical attempt to wrest control away from the present Liberal Democrat-led progressive coalition administration.

BCP Council has been governed by an alliance of progressive parties since May 2019, but the death of independent councillor Colin Bungey has spurred the Conservative group to table a motion of no confidence in the so-called “Rainbow Alliance”. They are tonight accused of using the death of a beloved public servant to engineer their own party political gains.

The Conservatives received only 28% of the vote in the 2019 local elections, compared to the Rainbow Alliance parties, who received around 60% of the total votes.

Further criticism has mounted tonight with the BCP Conservatives being accused of being “seemingly oblivious” to the potential pitfalls of changing administration in the midst of a global pandemic, according to one source. Nonetheless, the Conservative group have persisted with this measure, which The Torch’s Local Affairs Analyst has called “deeply, deeply unpopular amongst locals”.

Cllr. Mike Cox (Lib Dem, Christchurch Town) has accused the Conservative group of embarking on a “power grab”, urging Conservative councillors to “vote with their conscience” against the motion of no confidence.

During the debate, many Conservative councillors have also made remarks which one analyst called “remarkably brazen” and “tone deaf”. Cllr. Mike Greene (Con, Bournemouth Central) railed against efforts to protect the environment. Cllr. Philip Broadhead (Con, Talbot and Branksome Woods) batted away criticisms from his own residents that he was engaging in “partisan politics”.

The council meeting to decide on the motion of no confidence in the Rainbow Alliance is taking place at the time of writing.

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