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Jo Swinson, the Leader of the Liberal Democrats, has today released her party’s plan to prevent a ‘no deal Brexit’.

The so-called “triple lock” would provide three ways to prevent no deal at any cost, including legislation at first, an election if that fails, and then, as a last resort, full revocation of Article 50 to prevent a ‘no deal’ Brexit “humiliating the country”.

At a summit of opposition leaders today, the plan was reportedly received warmly, with sources in the meeting telling journalists that they were agreed on pursuing the plan, starting with the legislative option to prevent no deal by forcing an extension of Article 50.

Of even more interest is the news that Jeremy Corbyn has quietly shelved his own ambition to become Prime Minister, deciding to swing his support behind the Swinson Triple Lock, and the Lib Dem approach of legislating to prevent Brexit.

A Lib Dem source told The Torch that today’s events “vindicate Jo Swinson’s clear leadership on this issue.”

“It was clear that Jeremy Corbyn did not have enough votes from Tory rebels, independents, and other small parties. So the only solution left to him was to back Jo Swinson’s plan to rule out no deal by legislation, followed by the other steps in the Swinson Triple Lock.”

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