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Britain would vote to remain in the European Union, if last year’s referendum were to be held again tomorrow. The latest poll from Survation this week, underreported in the media, shows ‘Remain’ with a lead of 54% to 46%, signifying the public’s growing unease with the development of the Brexit negotiations so far.

Two Thirds Against ‘No Deal’

This news will be a worry to the Conservative government, which is currently pursuing an increasingly unpopular hard Brexit. Furthermore, the poll indicates that two-thirds of those surveyed think that ‘no deal’ would be worse for the UK than a ‘bad deal’, tarnishing the Government’s well-trodden mantra.

This was echoed by the EU’s chief negotiator, Michel Barnier, who clearly stated that ‘no deal’ would mean “a return to a distant past.” Mr. Barnier also scuppered the Conservative and Labour Party calls for “frictionless trade” outside of the single market and customs union, saying “that is not possible.”


The polling also shows a majority, 55%, in favour of cross-party Brexit talks. Yet with the Conservatives and Labour opposing single market membership, there are fears that cross-party talks could lead to an economically disastrous Brexit. The Torch reported earlier in the week that the EU and Japan had just struck a free trade deal, which could leave Britain out in the cold if it leaves the EEA.

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  1. Time they started listening to businesses who actually DO trade with the EU and non-EU countries instead of just making it up as they go along.

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