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New analysis has suggested that a People’s Vote – which many insiders believe is the only Brexit option which could command a Parliamentary majority – could be held within four months, rather than the year suggested by Theresa May and Whitehall.

David Blunkett, former Labour Home Secretary, told LBC’s Nick Ferrari that the requisite legislation could be passed within weeks, with the referendum able to be held by May. He also acknowledged that there was no other option, and suggested that majorities in the Commons and Lords would vote for it.

The news comes in the aftermath of Theresa May’s crushing defeat by 230 votes on Tuesday, leaving a withdrawal agreement dead in the water. With no Parliamentary majorities for no deal or a general election, it leaves a People’s Vote as the only feasible solution to the current crisis.

A Lib Dem source told The Torch that “politicians are finally waking up to the reality that the only way to end this national embarrassment is to have a People’s Vote. The Liberal Democrats would campaign proudly for an exit from Brexit.”

The Liberal Democrats were the first to call for a People’s Vote in 2016, in the immediate aftermath of the referendum, at the same time that Jeremy Corbyn was calling for the immediate triggering of Article 50. Since then, opinion polls have consistently shown a majority of the country is in favour of holding a new referendum, as well as a majority in favour of Remain.

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