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Layla Moran, one of the frontrunner candidates to be the next leader of the Liberal Democrats, has today honed in on UBI, investment in public services, and wage increases for frontline workers as political priorities moving forward.

In a pair of tweets responding to today’s news that coronavirus death rates are disproportionately in deprived parts of the country and amongst BAME communities, Moran pledged to tackle inequality and poverty.

One of the measures she suggested was a universal basic income (UBI), an increasingly popular policy within the Liberal Democrats, and one which the party supports initial trials of after its 2019 Autumn Conference. Moran also spoke of the need to increase wages and benefits for key workers, and properly investing in public services.

Already, Moran’s comments have caused a spin, with Labour-supporting commentator Owen Jones warning that a Moran leadership with centre-left, compassionate values could sap support from Labour under Keir Starmer. In a tweet, he said: “If Moran becomes Lib Dem leader and Labour abandons radicalism, [younger voters will] defect.”

With Moran set to go head-to-head with current temporary interim acting co-leader Sir Ed Davey and Bath MP Wera Hobhouse, members will be increasingly interested in the candidates’ views on the future of the party, in advance of a leadership election set to take place once the coronavirus crisis begins to ease up.

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