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Momentum, the pro-Corbyn faction within the Labour Party, has been operating to block a vote at Labour Party Conference on whether or not Labour should back continued membership of the single market, it has emerged.

Emails revealed by Labour member Richard Angell have shown that Momentum high-ups have been claiming that Brexit motions don’t need to be voted for in the Labour priority ballot, and have recommended voting for four non-Brexit motions.

Speculation is rife that this is in an attempt by Momentum to save face for leader Jeremy Corbyn’s extreme Brexit position, which has come under fire in recent weeks. Corbyn today repeated on the Andrew Marr Show that he would not commit Labour to a policy of remaining within the single market, further confirming his staunch desire to get into bed with the Tories and Theresa May and potentially cost the economy billions.

This news follows after the credit ratings agency Moodys downgraded Britain to one of its lowest ever ratings due to uncertainty arising over Brexit.

“The idealistic, pro-EU, young people who have rallied behind Corbyn will be mortified to discover that he is working hand in glove with the Conservative Party to promote a ‘hard’ Brexit.

“The Labour Party must be clear on Brexit. This is the biggest issue of our time and the public need to know whether they are lining up with pro-Brexit Corbyn or fighting to stay in the Single Market and Customs Union.”

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