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Theresa May will use a speech later today to call for opposition parties to “contribute and not just criticise”, in an embarrassing climbdown for the Prime Minister, who just three months ago called an election in an attempt to silence dissenting voices.

With the Conservatives having lost their Parliamentary majority and looking increasingly on the rocks, with May facing private calls to resign amidst speculation she won’t be in No. 10 for much longer, the PM will use the speech today to “relaunch” her premiership, in calling for cross-party co-operation on a number of issues.

The conciliatory tone is a marked shift from her style before the election, which was summed up on the front page of the Daily Mail as designed to “crush the saboteurs”. To go from a position of such strength to u-turning – after an election where May repeatedly called such co-operation “chaotic” – marks a humiliating reversal.

The news marks a victory for other political campaigners, however, notably including Norman Lamb MP, who has repeatedly and publicly called for cross-party co-operation on major issues like health and Brexit. Lamb has called for a new commission on integrated health and social care during recent years in Parliament.

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