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The Lib Dems have continued their surge in the latest European Parliament election poll, released tonight by BMG. In results which are increasingly getting the attention of journalists and voters alike, the latest figures put them up on their 2014 showing by an enormous 13%, and within striking distance of the pro-Brexit Labour Party.
These poll figures will bolster growing evidence that the Lib Dems are the only pro-EU party who can beat Nigel Farage, whose own poll numbers appear to be slipping in the face of the Lib Dem onslaught.
Labour and the Brexit Party are both down on the results they have been getting in recent European polls, with only the Lib Dems continuing to make gains, while the Greens also make modest increases in their much smaller vote share.
This marks the highest European opinion poll score for the Liberal Democrats since May 2009 — exactly a decade. The research manager of BMG has commented that: “our polling does suggest the Liberal Democrats to be in the strongest position of [the pro-EU parties]”.
This is also the fourth European poll in a row to put the Liberal Democrats ahead of the Conservatives, with the gap now opening up to a huge 7%. Reputable elections analysis Twitter account Election Maps UK predicted that, if this poll were replicated nationally, Labour and the Liberal Democrats would be TIED on 16 MEPs each – a decline for Labour, but an increase of +15 for the Lib Dems.
A Lib Dem source said that this is “vindication of our clear stop Brexit message, as well as clear evidence that the Lib Dems are the strongest pro-EU party in British politics.”
The Lib Dems now have roughly double the share of the Greens, and nearly five times that of CUK-TIG-FCN.

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