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Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party will prop up the Tory government, giving them the vital votes they need to pass Brexit laws, it has been announced today.


Labour Brexit spokesperson, Baroness Hayter, told an event at the Institute for Government that Labour would support the government’s so-called “Great Repeal Bill” – despite it containing provisions to leave the European Court of Justice, which Labour had previously been against, marking another embarrassing capitulation to the Tories.


The move comes after Corbyn was accused of “misinformation” yesterday, after he spread a false rumour that the Liberal Democrats were considering making a deal with the Conservatives. Sources have accused Corbyn of “hypocrisy”, with it now in fact being him and the Labour Party who have made a deal with the Tory government on the biggest issue of the day.

The pact, all-but-guaranteeing a hard, extreme Brexit, is the latest proof of Labour’s giving in to the Tories on the issue, with both parties now calling for Britain to risk losing 3.5million jobs and £31bn in their pursuit of dragging the country out of the largest tariff-free marketplace in the world. Of the major parties, only the Liberal Democrats now remain committed to remaining members of the single market.

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