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Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party have been caught in another row over fake news today, as they spread what was branded as “misinformation” in an attempt to deflect press attention from their hard Brexit woes.

Corbyn’s Twitter account this morning tweeted innuendo about the Liberal Democrats “propping up” the Conservatives, despite repeated refutations over many months by the party. The latest rumours were branded “not true” by the Lib Dem Press Office.

The move comes as Corbyn finds himself in hot water over his party’s solidified hard Brexit stance, with a Corbyn whip meaning that over 80% of Labour MPs tacitly supported the Conservative-DUP government on pulling out of the single market, a move which analysts suggest could cost the UK 3.5 million jobs and up to £31bn. Sources suggest that the latest misinformation about the Liberal Democrats could be an attempt to deflect attention from Corbyn’s own divided party.

An internal Liberal Democrat source told The Torch that “there is no chance whatsoever that the party will make any deals with the Conservatives whatsoever.”

“Furthermore, for such a deal to be approved, there would have to be a special conference, and no request has been made on any levels to organise one at any point in the future. Once again, Corbyn’s misinformation is baseless.”

Litany of Lies

This is the latest in a stream of misinformation put out by Corbyn and other Labour voices, including:

  • Corbyn’s lie about the number of low-income students applying to university, which was proven false by The Torch
  • Owen Jones giving credence to another Lib Dem coalition rumour, originated by a Green candidate in Manchester, which was proven false
  • Various Labour figures spreading misinformation in election leaflets, claiming that they’d fight against a hard Brexit, and then abstaining from a Parliamentary vote on it

The move by Corbyn towards misinformation is a worry in many quarters, with the targetting of the Liberal Democrats in particular due to their anti-Brexit stance likely to cost him key support in this hung Parliament for attempting to pass key planks of his manifesto.

Eighth Time

This is the eighth time in the last two months that the Liberal Democrats have repeated their position on any pact with the Conservatives, and The Torch’s internal sources can confirm that no meetings to discuss any pact whatsoever have taken place at all during this Parliament. With the Tory-DUP deal having been signed, the prospect of any new Lib-Con Coalition seems to be entirely a myth.

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