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A Labour MP has today provoked controversy by saying in an interview that she would rather go into coalition with Nigel Farage’s xenophobic, homophobic Brexit Party than the Liberal Democrats.

In the interview with ITV’s Paul Brand, Emma Lewell-Buck, a former Shadow Minister and the MP for South Shields, made the startling confession, and admitted that it was because of how passionately she wants Brexit to happen – even though it would have a devastating impact on her constituents. It has led to outcry on social media, and appears to demonstrate that Labour are absolutely not a pro-European party.

Her willingness to enter a coalition with the Brexit Party and former status as a Shadow Minister further indicates that significant and senior elements of the Labour Party would welcome a no deal Brexit, and would be prepared to work with Nigel Farage to bring one about.

Analysts who have spoken to The Torch have said that the move is “concerning”, and highlights “a growing tendency within the Labour Party to support a no deal Brexit.”

“The fact that Labour MPs would refuse to work with the Liberal Democrats, and would actually prefer to put Nigel Farage into power instead, demonstrates that something is very wrong with Labour thinking on Brexit. This could very well lead to speculation that this could be the foundations being slowly laid for a formal pact between Labour and the Brexit Party at the next election.”

“Not only that, but this messaging will be toxic to them among Remainers.”

“It shows Labour are absolutely not a party of Remain, and that those who want to stay in the EU would be much better off voting for parties like the Liberal Democrats, who have proven they can win up and down the country.”

Photo credits: Sky News

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