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Sitting Labour MP Dame Margaret Hodge has urged Labour supporters to lend their support to other parties.

The MP told a Labour meeting that voting for pro-EU parties was necessary. She called upon supporters to take ‘whatever action they need’ catching the pro-Brexit Labour leadership off guard.

Labour have been crashing in the polls along with the Tories. The second poll in just a week has shown that the Liberal Democrats are now ahead of the pro-Brexit Labour Party, and are approaching 20% of the vote in a consistent surge. Labour continue to decline, recently as low as 15% in a YouGov poll.

A Liberal Democrat source told The Torch that “we’re the alternative, by far the strongest anti-Brexit party, and we’re closing in on Farage. To beat Farage’s nationalists and send Jeremy Corbyn a message, voters need to support the Lib Dems on 23rd May.”

Other Labour figures are also endorsing the Liberal Democrats specifically. The former Thurrock MP Andrew MacKinlay declared his support for Cable’s ‘stop Brexit’ party after 52 years in the Labour Party.

The former MP – who sat in the Commons for almost 20 years – lambasted the Labour position.

“No matter how one tries, or would like it to be otherwise, any reasonable person has to conclude that the Labour Party’s position is, incoherent, inconsistent and totally lacking in leadership. Jeremy Corbyn’s dithering has taken its toll.”

MacKinlay was clear who he’d chosen for his vote in the European Elections.

“The only major party representing my beliefs in the European Union is the Liberal Democrats. An important message will be sent by maximising the number of Liberal Democrat MEPs elected this Thursday.”

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