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Prime Minister Boris Johnson has today openly confirmed that he views care workers and other frontline heroes as mere cash cows.

Answering a question about the Tory plans to charge migrant care workers and NHS staff over £600 just to be able to use the very same NHS they work for, Johnson admitted that he viewed them as simply a source of revenue, saying “those contributions help us raise £900million” and that there is presently “no alternative source”.

The news comes after Johnson himself was treated by foreign NHS staff when in intensive care for coronavirus, leading some to accuse him of shocking callousness.

A Lib Dem source has told The Torch that “this approach – seeing real people who are risking their lives to protect people on the frontlines as just cash cows – typifies Tory callousness and ineptitude.”

“Combined with the crisis in care homes and the woeful lack of testing and tracing, this is a real kick in the teeth to the brave heroes who are working round the clock to save lives.”

The news comes just days after the introduction of the Immigration Bill by deeply unpopular Home Secretary Priti Patel, which would impose other restrictions on migrant workers coming to serve on the frontlines and in the NHS. Several Labour MPs failed to vote against the Immigration Bill, including senior party grandee and former Labour Cabinet minister Yvette Cooper.

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