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Shocking figures just released have revealed that over two million British jobs rely on investment from the EU – half of all UK jobs that rely on foreign investment. Critics have expressed concern, saying that these jobs are now needlessly at risk during Brexit negotiations, and two million families may be forced to live in uncertainty.

Over half a million jobs are reliant on the Netherlands, 319,000 on France and 271,000 in Germany, according to the report – with the full total being six times as many as work in the City of London. Heightened fears of a mass German pullout after the extreme Brexit planned by Labour and the Conservatives would mean Britain would lose as many jobs as there are people in Newcastle.

“It’s clear the government isn’t thinking about what it’s doing,” said an internal Liberal Democrat source, commenting on the news. “It doesn’t care what its policies mean for the ordinary people on the ground (though Tory governments and job losses are no big surprise – ask anyone who sat on a picket line in the 1980s). Theresa May’s government is so obsessed with the past that the biggest thing it’s done all week is suspend an MP for using a racial slur to describe a bad situation.”

Amidst growing panic, Jeremy Corbyn is also nowhere to be seen. He said during the election that he wanted the “closest possible relationship” with Europe, but banned his MPs from voting to keep Britain in the single market, propping up the Conservative government on this major issue. The Labour Party have been accused of being too busy preparing for the next election, and in doing so, ignoring what’s happening to the country in the meantime.

It remains to be seen how the Government will deal with such a major loss of jobs, and with millions of working families now in uncertainty, calls on the government to take action are growing.

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