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The co-leader of the Green Party, Sian Berry, has today found herself under fire after revealing controversial Green foreign policy in a car-crash interview on LBC with Iain Dale.

In the interview, Berry repeatedly affirmed the Green Party’s desire to leave NATO, one of the most successful international co-operations in history. It casts doubt on the Greens’ commitment to internationalism, with analysts claiming that withdrawal from NATO would be “offering Putin a big prize”, and lead to an even more isolated Britain in the context of Brexit.

Later in the interview, Berry was asked about whether Russia was a threat, particularly important after the Russian chemical attack on Salisbury last year. Berry, however, refused to say that she and the Greens considered Russia to be a threat, and deflected the question.

But perhaps the most damning segment came when Iain Dale asked her whether the Greens would support coming to the aid of the Baltic states – Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia. The three countries are all fellow members of the European Union, and fear Russian incursion on their territory. But Berry refused to say whether she or the Greens would support coming to their aid in the event of an invasion, casting significant doubt on the Greens’ commitment to the international obligations underpinning the EU.

“To refuse to answer a question on whether you would come to the aid of a fellow EU member state if invaded shows the total hollowness of the Greens’ commitment to internationalism,” said one source. “Not only does 50% of their Parliamentary party still campaign to leave the EU, but now their co-leader refuses to commit to helping an EU member state if they were attacked.”

Berry has come in for significant criticism on social media, amidst fears that the interview will harm the Green Party’s European election campaign. The Greens are currently lagging behind the Liberal Democrats in the polls, who are the largest pro-European party and riding on a wave of momentum following their local elections victory.

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