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Nigel Farage has today shocked the political world by publicly calling for a second EU referendum during an appearance on TV talk show “The Wright Stuff”.

Expressing his wish for the issue to be settled once and for all, Farage, the former leader of UKIP, who was accused of dog-whistle racism during the EU referendum campaign, said “I’ve reached the point in thinking that we should have a second referendum on EU membership”, a total reversal of his own position and his party’s position.

This move now means that parties on both the left and the right of the political spectrum as well as both Remain and Leave are backing calls for the EU issue to be revisited.

The Liberal Democrats, whose flagship policy is a referendum on the terms of the final deal, offering a chance to “exit from Brexit”, have been delighted about this u-turn, with former leader Sir Nick Clegg tweeting simply, “I agree with Nigel”.

An internal Lib Dem source said: “The Lib Dems will continue to fight for an exit from Brexit, and are pleased that even the Leave side is recognising that public opinion has turned on this. Brexit will leave Britain poorer and isolated, and we should do everything we can to combat it.”

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