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Jeremy Corbyn has come under new pressure relating to his time working at PressTV, after video evidence came to light of him giving a man who likened Israel and Jews to “a disease” a free pass before thanking him.

Corbyn – who had challenged the caller earlier when he said that the United States was trying to “fix the problem” in the Middle East – was curiously silent during the diatribe, and refused to say anything or call out the caller when he referred to Israel, and “them”, presumably meaning Israelis, as “this disease” and said that he wanted to “throw them out” of the region.

Here is the video, with the extraordinary lack of action starting around the 7 minute mark:

PressTV is a branch of the Iranian state media, and paid Corbyn £20,000 for five appearances. The news network was banned in the UK for its part in filming the detention and torture of an Iranian journalist. Further, its Iranian state ties mean that its money comes from the same source as a government which hangs gay people, which has led to criticism for Corbyn.

The video resurfaced recently on social media, with many roundly condemning Corbyn for his inability to challenge anti-semitism. It follows on from a number of anti-semitism scandals within Labour, the most notable of which were the allegations surrounding former London Mayor Ken Livingstone, who escaped expulsion for his comments about Adolf Hitler, and Corbyn’s refusal to call for his removal from the party.

This is not the only scandal affecting Mr. Corbyn today, however – it was revealed today that the Labour leader had dined with a known pro-Assad supporter who denies the Srebrenica massacre ever took place, even posing for a smiling picture with him.

These developments will surely pose a problem for Corbyn, who is trying to style himself as a “Prime Minister in waiting” following his outperforming of expectations at the last election, despite his defeat.

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