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Jeremy Corbyn has once again dodged the issue of a People’s Vote today in the aftermath of his failed attempt to bring down the government last night.

Despite democratically-decided Labour Party policy being to call for a People’s Vote if efforts to force a general election were unsuccessful, Corbyn has instead insisted that he would try to call further votes of no confidence, and has ducked questions of when he would come out for a new referendum.

In an attempt to distract from Corbyn’s lack of clarity on this issue, Labour figures on social media have sought to attack the Liberal Democrats today.

A Liberal Democrat source stated today that, while they would vote against the Tory government if the numbers were there, at present, any vote of no confidence would currently be dead on arrival, and as such “any new vote would simply be a ploy by Jeremy Corbyn to avoid having to back a People’s Vote”.

Fresh analysis has shown that with the DUP having reaffirmed its commitment to its confidence and supply agreement with the Government, it is almost impossible to force a general election via a vote of no confidence.

Furthermore, with any deal seemingly a non-starter after Tuesday’s catastrophic defeat, and a majority of the Commons against no deal, sources say that a People’s Vote is now the only way to avoid crashing out of the EU on March 29th, potentially losing £54bn from the British economy and losing hundreds of thousands of jobs.

With this news, pressure is mounting on Jeremy Corbyn to stop ducking the question of a People’s Vote. Posts on social media have been particularly critical of the attempts to pin blame on the Liberal Democrats, calling them “disingenuous”. Labour’s policy, however, remains unclear for now.

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