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Jeremy Corbyn has confirmed once and for all that Labour want to leave the single market in an interview this morning, putting to rest questions and doubts over his real position on the Brexit question.

Committing his party to the exact same extreme Brexit as the Conservatives, Corbyn told Andrew Marr this morning that his party does want to leave the single market, a move which analysts suggest could cost the country around £31bn in lost national income, and millions of jobs being lost, particularly manufacturing and unskilled jobs.

Corbyn was also caught out as not understanding the nature of the EU, saying that membership of the single market is “dependent on membership of the EU”, which is not true: in fact, Norway and Switzerland are both part of the European single market while not being members of the EU at all.

It seems the range of views on Brexit in mainstream politics are polarising. Labour’s jumping into bed with the Tories comes in a week when Vince Cable, newly elected leader of the Liberal Democrats, announced that he would seek an “exit from Brexit”, in an attempt to stop Brexit happening entirely.

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