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Vince Cable, the new leader of the Liberal Democrats, has begun his tenure with a bang as he declared in his first speech that he wants an “exit from Brexit”.

Cable, who praised former leader Tim Farron for placing the Liberal Democrats at the heart of the debate about Europe, made the bold claim this evening, saying that Britain must be allowed to change its mind as the economy starts to decline due to the effects of Brexit.

The move will come as a huge boost to the pro-European campaign, with the Liberal Democrat flagship policy of having a second referendum now winning in most opinion polls. This comes against a backdrop of new economic woes for Britain as Brexit begins to become a reality, with major banking and manufacturing firms moving their bases from the UK to Germany.

Sir Vince Cable was the Business Secretary in the Coalition, presiding over the introduction of shared parental leave and working to improve gender balance on the boards of major City corporations. He was formerly Chief Economist for Shell, and holds a PhD in Economics.

Cable also stated that his aim was to “tackle the inequalities which disfigure British society”, in a clear statement of the Liberal Democrat core message of removing barriers to opportunity. Internal party sources have said that Cable’s speech “shows our intentions: to grow our party, to challenge the Tory-Labour extreme Brexit consensus, and to restore justice and opportunity to Britain”.

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  1. Exactly what we have been desperate to hear. Now it’s really worth backing the LibDems. This is game changing.

    Vince, get Tessa and Nick back into the frame! So valuable.

  2. I think a second referendum is unlikely as the govt and Labour seem intent on crashing us into Brexit. I think many brexiters are afraid of being wrong about leaving the EU and have become more entrenched in their desire to leave. However, I support Cables stand and hope he can gain some traction.

    1. The EU conditions for Brexit are hard to swallow and will lead to poverty in the UK. Some Brexiteers in Parliament and the Country will hopefully think again.

  3. All I can see from our government is the tree has no money on it and they are at the talks to come out,like children in the playground.Thats my ball,no it isn’t, yes it is,get a grip or let someone else do it

  4. What a shame that the Lib Dems ruled out joining any coalition at the recent election. They would have been far better partners with the Tories than the DUP, and would have been far better placed to force the Tories to have a second referendum once the terms of Brexit became clear. What a lost opportunity. I would not put money on them retaining many seats if Brexit goes through without a second referendum.

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