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Sir Vince Cable, the man who looks set to be elected as new Leader of the Liberal Democrats this summer, directly addressed critics this morning and has stood firm on his party’s line on the European Union in an interview with Sky News.


Cable was asked about his views on freedom of movement and the single market by Sophy Ridge, protection of which are core planks of the Liberal Democrat platform.

Defying critics, Cable addressed questions which some Liberal Democrats are calling “key” to his successful leadership, and firmly restated his support for staying in the EU single market, and supporting freedom of movement.

Internal party sources said they were “extremely pleased” with Cable’s comments, saying that “it cements once and for all that the Liberal Democrats are the only party standing up for the single market.”


This comes in contrast to Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party, who, it was revealed on Thursday, as reported by this site, have doubled down on their hard, extreme Brexit approach, and are now fully co-operating with the Conservatives on dragging Britain out of the single market.

Expert analysis suggests that Labour’s plans – identical to the Tories’ – would cost the UK 3.5 million jobs, £31bn in the economy, and cause a major surge in the cost of living for ordinary families.

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