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Sir Vince Cable, the man who looks set to become the leader of the Liberal Democrats this summer, has given an interview on the Andrew Marr Show this morning, in which he said out loud what millions of Brits have been thinking.

“Brexit may not happen.”

Enormous Problems

Cable was being asked about the future of Brexit, and said that because “the problems are so enormous, the divisions in the parties are so enormous”, he can see a situation in which Brexit simply doesn’t happen.

With millions of people still supporting Britain remaining in the European Union, and a shock poll this week putting Remain 8% ahead of Leave if a second referendum were held, Cable appears to have given voice to a growing sentiment amongst the public, that it may be best to shelve Brexit before it’s too late.

Second Referendum

Cable also said outright that the Lib Dem second referendum policy was designed “to give a way out when it becomes clear that Brexit is potentially disastrous”, clarifying his position going into the future as being pro-Remain.

With poll support for Brexit increasingly dwindling as more bad news appears to filter through every day, Cable’s words may end up being prophetic as the government may be forced to abandon Brexit plans through unpopularity.

Recent headlines have shown the German car industry taking a tough line with the UK, saying that the single market was essential to their continued presence here, while price rises seem to be lurking on the horizon too due to the uncertainties of Brexit.

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