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A shocking new poll by YouGov that was released today said that 61% of Leave voters would be fine with “significant damage” to Britain’s economy, so long as Brexit happened. In another survey, 39% of people – a plurality – said they’d be willing for their family to lose their jobs as a price to pay for Brexit.

The incredible new figures, displaying attitudes which have been called “appalling” and “callous” by some critics, have shocked many, with many Leave voters appearing to think that Brexit is more important than the prosperity of the country, or even on a personal level, their children and grandchildren having jobs.

By contrast, nearly two-thirds of Remainers said that they hoped Brexit was a success for the economy, and would not want things to go badly as a lesson to Leave voters – even despite being in support of staying within the EU.

Perhaps the most shocking statistic of all, however, comes with the breakdowns according to age: an enormous 71% of Leave voters aged 65 and over would be happy to see damage to the economy, while a full HALF of them would be happy to see their family lose their jobs, just to make sure Brexit would happen.

This news follows growing reports amongst top-level politicians that Brexit was proving to be a disaster, with the British negotiating team in disarray, and a Cabinet split over the exit arrangements.

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