The Torch is an independent, liberal source of political news, seeking to cut through the misinformation and fake news that is so often found today and provide a breath of fresh air.

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We’re liberal because we believe that the purpose of news is to educate and inform, and that while that can only take place when the full picture is provided, it is increasingly not the case, with media outlets devoting themselves to populism on both sides of the spectrum. We seek to cut through to the truth, represent the underrepresented, and prioritise the reporting of political news that breaks the trend of both left and right populism.

We’re a site dedicated to bringing you real news about real politics, and not being afraid to criticise politicians for misinformation, lies, or plain fake news. We don’t profess to be neutral – we’re proud of our liberal values of equality, opportunity and community. As such, we openly focus on political news that impacts on those three values.

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